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Executive Team

R. Preston Roberts: Chairman of the Board of Directors

R. Preston Roberts

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Active more than 50 years in Operations Management for several major corporations including Motorola (domestic and international), Service America and Saga Corporation.

Founder and President of Arizona-based chain of eight Brick and Mortar retail stores with sales, since inception, exceeding $150 million.

Currently, Chairman Roberts is President of a national trade association with more than 50,000 retail members. Focused on engagement and education of Federal, State and local entities and affected businesses regarding favorable legislation / ordnances and initiation of litigation, where appropriate, to mitigate unfavorable outcomes deleterious to retail members.

Andreas Mauritzson, President and Chief Executive Officer

Andreas Mauritzson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Andreas is a twenty-eight year business aviation executive and a developer of private sector business opportunities and investments. Raised and educated in Sweden, he immigrated to the United States in 1989 and possesses dual citizenship.

Mr. Mauritzson serves as the Vice President of Strategic Business and Operations at Sun Air Jets, one of the most respected business aviation management companies in America.

Previously, Mauritzson was the Director of European Sales for Jet Transactions Group, a full service, business aviation sales and consulting company catering to private, high net worth, and corporate clients globally. He was also the Executive Director of Guthy-Renker Aviation for eighteen years.

Leveraging Industry Experience

Mauritzson developed an international reputation for his knowledge and experience in the business aviation industry. The Private Aviation Strategy Group, a private aviation advisory, consulting, and advocacy group that he founded and owns, also functions as an investment bridge to the aviation industry. Andreas is also the founding partner of MJ Invest, a commercial real estate and investment company in Sweden.

Additionally, Andreas sits on the board of ESGA Corporation, a commercial airport development company based in Sweden. Mauritzson was a founding partner in The Cinemas Palme D’Or, a ten-screen movie theater in Southern California that he helped to create and brand.

Mr. Mauritzson divides his time between Europe and Southern California.

Stephen G. Macklem: Chief Financial Officer

Stephen G. Macklem

Chief Financial Officer

As a 30-year professional in the securities investment industry, Stephen brings a proven track record in equity and derivative securities and mergers / acquisitions along with investments while also specializing in complex litigation.

Macklem has extensive financial industry CFO experience. He is a former member of the Chicago Board Options and the Chicago Stock Exchanges. He worked as a broker, dealer, institutional floor broker, and as a floor specialist.

In addition, Macklem was also a market maker at General Electric, PepsiCo, and Black & Decker. He is currently the Managing Director of First Options of Chicago, Inc., a provider of proprietary expertise in complex trade, litigation, liquidation and restructuring.


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